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How to keep things running fluidly ?

You’ll find the key components of your vehicle housed under the hood. Metal parts are set in motion simply by turning on the ignition. Some spin, others move back and forth, really fast. These moving parts would wear prematurely, and even catch on fire, were it not for the fluids that help them function efficiently, reliably, and of course, safely.

Never mess with these fluids. Each has been expressly formulated to play a specific role. You of course know about engine oil, and windshield washer fluid, but there are more. Some must be replaced at manufacturer-recommended regular intervals. And above all, always use the right type of fluid and make sure it is of the highest possible quality.

Here are the main fluids along with some important practices to follow:

Engine oil: check it regularly every 5,000 km or as recommended by the automaker.

Transmission fluid and power steering fluid: have their quality and levels checked often, e.g. during your quarterly visits.

Brake fluid: change it every two years, or when the brake pedal feels “spongy.”

Coolant: drain and replace based on usage or the automaker’s recommendation. Regularly monitor its level, concentration and condition.

Air conditioning refrigerant: approximately one fifth evaporates each year.

Windshield washer fluid: your OCTO technician can check the level during your quarterly visits. Keep it topped up as often as possible. Your safety depends upon it.

We can never emphasize enough how your safety and the condition of your vehicle go hand in hand. Which is why it is essential that you check your vehicle’s fluids on a regular basis.