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Is your vehicle a tad noisy ?

Most refer to it as the muffler instead of the exhaust system. Likely because without it, you would be calling attention to yourself without wanting to (and also risk a fine or a 48-hour notice of compliance). Yes, an exhaust system reduces the volume of or “muffles” the sound being emitted from your vehicle. But it performs other functions, too, including reducing the temperature and velocity of the gas flow, as well as the amount of polluting emissions.                                     

Catalytic converters became mandatory in 1993. All fuel powered vehicles had to be fitted with this device, which reduces the amount of pollutants in the exhaust gas. This measure has significantly hemmed in the environmental footprint of motorists in Canada.

The environment is everyone business. Your vehicle runs quietly and doesn’t cause a stink? It means your exhaust system must be in perfect condition. That’s important. Feel free to ask your OCTO technician for more information on the subject.