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  • How well do your tires grip the road?

    We are not a driving school, but each day customers ask us for advice on things they believe affect their performance behind wheel. Which is understandable as performance can sometimes be corrected simply by fixing a flaw with the (…)

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  • How to keep things running fluidly ?

    You’ll find the key components of your vehicle housed under the hood. Metal parts are set in motion simply by turning on the ignition. Some spin, others move back and forth, really fast. These moving parts would wear (…)

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  • Is your vehicle a tad noisy ?

    Most refer to it as the muffler instead of the exhaust system. Likely because without it, you would be calling attention to yourself without wanting to (and also risk a fine or a 48-hour notice of compliance). Yes, an exhaust system (…)

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  • Ring in spring with our new contest

    At OCTO, the warm weather has us longing to get outside. Therefore, we are launching a new contest to celebrate the arrival of spring.   The prize Get a chance to win a $500 voucher for the purchase of a universal bike (…)

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